" While doing our duty, we are subjects neither of the client, nor of the judge nor of the goverment.  And we are not asserting that there is anyone below us, but we do not accept anyone hierarchically superior to us.There is no difference between the most senior and the junior or the most popular.Lawyers have never had any slaves for the whole history or any masters." Molierac


Kılıkçıer Law Office was founded by Adv.Erol Kılıkçıer in 1979.


Kılıkçıer Law Office is working for their client’s rights with seven lawyers and one intern lawyer specialized in different subjects, two more personel expert on executive proceedings, two assistants and a general employee.

Our office is located in 17th and 18th floors of Evke Trade Tower-Bursa' ,with all the technical equipment and software and a large library for all legal procedures.

Kılıkçıer's main principle is to check constantly all legal issues and to consult and solve all legal problems quickly.